Upcoming Marvel Movies for the year 2021 and beyond

Movie Title: Thor: Love & Thunder

The warrior of the Asgardian turns into the principal MCU saint to get a fourth solo film with the movie title Thor- Love & Thunder. With Thor- Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi coming back to write ae well as direct the procedures, and keeping in mind that it’s as yet unclear what precisely Thor will be acting. This movie will stamp the arrival of Natalie Portman’s Jane to the MCU. However, Jane will turn into a female form of Thor, while new Asgardian ruler Valkyrie will be on the chase for her sovereign.

Proposed Released date: February 11, 2022

Movie Title: Doctor Strange (In the Multiverse of madness)

Benedict Cumberbatch’s depiction of Doctor strange in a movie called Avengers (Infinity War) procured him far-reaching recognition, which is mostly why Marvel Studios, at last, pushed ahead with Multiverse of Madness while highlighting Doctor Strange. With Sam Raimi endorsed on to direct, while Jade Halley Bartlett currently taking care of content obligations, Doctor Strange subsequent performance experience won’t see him totally alone. Likewise, the Scarlet Witch will assume a huge job in the story, the greater part of which is as yet being left hidden.

Proposed Released date: March 25, 2022