Upcoming Marvel Movies for the year 2021 and beyond

Movie Title: Venom- Let there be Carnage

In spite of the fact that many questioned it, Tom Hardy drove Venom ends up being a relentless juggernaut, and more than making sure about a spin-off. Venom 2 will see essayist Kelly Marcel getting back to pen the content, however, director Ruben Fleischer wound up excessively occupied with Zombieland 2 to return for the continuation. Venom 2 is made a beeline for theaters in the 2021 summer and will see the legitimate introduction of well-known reprobate Butchery otherwise known as Cletus Kassady. Captivating, Naomie Harris is likewise supposed to act Shriek.

Proposed Released date: June 25, 2021

Movie Title: Spider-Man: Homecoming 3

In fall 2021, Spider-Man is affirmed to get a third MCU solo film. Director Jon Watts and composing team Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are back on the innovative end for Spider-Man – Homecoming 3. Likewise, Tom Holland repeats the lead spot. Kraven the Tracker has been vigorously reputed to be the lowlife this break, however, it’ll be fascinating to perceive what the implications of Spider-Man: A long way From Home’s wild post-credits scene wind up being.

Proposed Released date: November 5, 2021