The most in-demand actors in Hollywood

You can find lots of leading actors in Hollywood, definitely the name of Johnson will be in the top list. Johnson is one of the top 10 movie stars who made his ranking on the top list in Hollywood. Likewise, there are so many actors lead that list. You just take a look at the following most in-demand actors in Hollywood that includes:

James Franco

What you have seen him in recently: The Franco has starred opposed his brother Dave in the movie “The Disaster Artist” and he win a golden globe for the greatest actor in a genre of comedy. His largest box office opening movie is Spider Man 3 of $151.1 million. After this movie, he has a few of indie movie projects for the upcoming year that include an action drama “Blood Heist”. He also gives his voice as James the Bottlenose Dolphin in the entire star performers of “Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin”. Besides, the Franco has learned playing a range of moustachioed art house cinema weirdoes. Also, it is a worth considering fact that he performs a lot of television work as well.

Octavia spencer

The Spencer had received her third Oscar nomination for her supporting role in “The Shape of Water”. Also, she was presented in the faith based movie “The Shack” and the sleeper hits movie “Gifted”. His largest box office opening movie is “Zootopia” of $75.1 million. After that, she will play a title teacher character in the amendment of a play “Luce” that discovers honour as well as contest in America. Also, she will be featured in a comedy movie “Instant Family” as a social worker in the Mark Wahlberg as well as journey of Rose Byrne via adopting three kids. Actually, the Octavia is Hollywood’s go to supporting actress with the success and also obtained two nominations in a category at the academy awards. She was pinned a role of all from nurse to neighbour.