The interesting things you can do in Nevada during the holiday trip

Virginia City still preserves the excitement of the old west in which the historic ghost town was the popular place in the 19th century. It was made to be one of the most important settlements in Nevada. Though the bustling town’s explosive era has ended the well-preserved buildings and artifacts have replaced the Virginia City to become a popular tourist attraction spot. Now the Virginia City offers plenty of exciting things to see and do for the tourists starting from the educational museum to the mine exploration tours you can watch many things in Virginia.

      1. Café Del Rio – It is one of the popular bars in Virginia City located in the historic Werrin building. Initial it was a grocery store and rooming house, café Del Rio has been serving up the authentic Tex-Mex flavors from 2005. Here you can get high-quality beverages, hot drinks, cuisines, and various kinds of desserts with good aroma and taste. Moreover, they use the fresh quality of ingredients for preparing the food items so you can have the chance to taste the world’s top tasty food items in café Del Rio, Virginia.
      2. Red dog saloon – This is another popular restaurant with a bar facility available in Virginia City here you enjoy your local favorite full bar facility along with different varieties of soft beverages. It alsooffers the most popular Chicago-style pizza surrounded by the ambiance of the old red dog saloon. The popular food item prepared in this restaurant is pizza dough which is made fresh daily and the sauce of pizza is home-made. Most of the people visit this restaurant for having the delicious taste of the pizza. When you are visiting Virginia during your holiday trip try out the taste of pizza prepared in the red dog restaurant where this is found to be the most interesting one in your trip.