Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health Quizzes

Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health Quizzes

Good nourishment is one of the secrets to a well-balanced life. You may improve your health by maintaining a balanced diet.

Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health Quizzes

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What should you check initially when analyzing a health and nutrition label ?

1. Calories
2. Serving Information
3. Fats
4. Sugars
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Recommended day-to-day consumption of Vitamin C?

1. 500 mg
2. 60 mg
3. 100 mg
4. 200 mg
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What do calories assess?

1. How much energy you get from this food
2. How much weight you could gain from this food
3. How much you will need to exercise to burn off this food
4. How much fat is in this food
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What offering measurement might you find on the nourishment facts tag?

1. Cups
2. Pieces
3. Grams
4. All of the above
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What is actually one more word for nutritional fiber?

1. Bran
2. Greens
3. Roughage
4. Gluten
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What will a 15% regular value of salt way ?

1. This food provides 15% of the recommended daily sodium limit.
2. 15% of this food is sodium.
3. This food has 15 grams of sodium.
4. You need 15% more sodium than is found in this food.
Question 7 of 8.

Why isn't there a Percent Daily Value for trans excess fat?

1. There is no limit because it is healthy.
2. It is included in saturated fat.
3. No amount of trans fat is recommended.
4. Trans fat is too new.
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If a meals consists of 20% of your Percent Daily Worth for calcium, just how much even more calcium mineral can you have that day?

1. 80%
2. As much as you want
3. 20%
4. None

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Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health Quizzes

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