10 Hollywood celebrities who are completely vegetarians

Most of the people are willing to search about their favourite Hollywood actors & actresses to know about their diet and lifestyle. The main aim of popularizing the celebrities’ food habit is to increase the awareness of getting benefits of eating less amount of meat and higher amount of vegetarian foods. There are a lot of movie actors and actresses completely vegetarian in their day to day diet. The 10 popular Hollywood celebrities who are all completely vegetarians listed here.

  1. Paul McCartney

Before 1975, Paul McCartney doesn’t miss eating meat and he used to often eat meats on those days. He went completely vegetarian after 1975 with his wife Linda after she made the speciality vegan foods for him. Now, he enjoys being vegetarian and he said that it is really thrilling experience for him. He never ever has an idea of getting back to eat meats and he completely takes only vegan foods for a long time.

  1. Jenna Dewan Tatum

The vegan journey of Jenna Dewan Tatum actually started at her age of 10. Now she is in 20s but still now for more than 10 years she is a completely vegetarian and not eating meat at all. She took this decision to become totally vegan when she watched the TV programme on slaughterhouses which left her traumatised. After that, she swore off eating meats even though she is a very big actress and dancer in Hollywood. But her husband Channing is not vegetarian and he is on his own way of diet habit. But their daughter is completely vegetarian like her mom.